XML Import & Export

As a standard means of exchanging data - the ability to both import and export XML files within a platform like Cubix is critical. What is also critical though is that both the import and export of XML must be driven by configuration only - to allow for new XML schemas to be implemeneted as required on the fly.

Cubix offers two XML import engines - one for more simple XML files where static XPaths can be defined, and an Advanced XML engine where XPath roots can be defined - or where the full XML structure is not known. In the latter case, Cubix is able to "walk" the XML file and import all the relevant metadata required to be stored and utilised within the Taskflow engine. This ensures that new client XML files can be onboarded and used within minutes - regardless of their complexity. Future versions of Cubix will also support the creation of this XPath configuration through XSD.

The Cubix XML export engine allows for nested structures to be easily identified from either core system data, editorial metadata - or transactional data stored as part of Taskflow. This ensures that any element of metadata stored within Cubix can be configured for an automated XML export - to meet both standard platform XML requirements, as well as those custom requirements that clients and smaller platforms have. By ensuring all of this is performed directly from configuration, and not hard coded - ensures agile delivery of new workflows, without the need to wait for new development releases.