Use Cases

The design of Cubix, principally its "three layers" approach to abstraction, mean that both scale and agility is inherent. As such, Cubix has a large number of use cases which are readily deployable

Home Use Cases

Robotic Bulk Tape Ingest

Robotic Bulk Ingest of tape through Flexicart automation

OVP & Media Platforms

End to end workflow orchestration, transcoding, metadata management and publishing


Easily see in real time the status of your content across complex and disparate systems

Film Scanning & Processing

Manage your content, right through the process from physical to digital

Playout / Channel Origination

Cloud playout, content preparation and scavenge complete with OTT catch up

Archive & Research

Seamless content import, archiving and indexing including content hierarchies and research portals

Editorial Ingest

Streamline the process of editorial content ingest through "lights out" workflows

DR & Active Accelerated Archiving

"Appliance Free" solutions for accelerated and secure content transfer and storage