However, as strong and transparent as our orchestration layer is - Ortana understands that this information needs to be viewed and interacted with by users who are less technical, or less familiar with the workflow than those operating it. To resolve this, Cubix now includes our new Tracker module - that provides a live visual representation of the workflow.

Able to handle complex multi-language workflows where different elements of the content passes through different complex processes - the Cubix tracker is used today by international broadcasters to track content from acquisition to playout in “near real-time”. The tracker clearly shows the status of each asset, including each language - in relation to the key milestones defined. SLAs are tracked and shown in a simple colour grid showing what stages have occurred or yet to occur, and if that stage took place within the allowed time. The predictive ETA engine of Cubix allows the timescale for when content is expected to pass each milestone based on the current performance of the workflow. This takes into account both automated elements such as transcoding and file transfers, as well as manual stages such as runtime QC and compliance. This allows for operational and planning teams to see as soon as content begins in a workflow when they can expect it to be ready, and how that matches against their first use date.

Cubix is easily integrated with multiple existing internal systems - both in house developed and market offerings - consuming this raw data and presenting it via the Taskflow orchestration layer and the Content Tracker.