Taskflow Designer

Cubix was built to resolve a simple set of frustrations - the cost and timescales involved in deploying a MAM, the need to pay for significant professional services every time a change is needed - and the “black box” nature so many systems suffer from.

To this end, our workflow engine that we call Taskflow was born - a solution that allows clients to design, build and deploy workflows that can drive every element of Cubix in a matter of - minutes without the need for any development or platform down time. Providing not only a UI designer that is simple and intuitive to use, it also handles real-world failure scenarios in an elegant fashion.

Our designer is a simple drag and drop one – that allows you to design exact workflows to suit your needs – with the “2D” restrictions so many in the marketplace offer. Any workflow needs to handle exceptions that can occur at almost any state, and each of those will often need to call one more corrective workflows Instead of trying to realise every permutation of such workflows on a flat 2D surface – Cubix’s approach is different. We allow you to build linear workflows with every step supporting a “fail state” – which in itself can drive a linear workflow than can have fail state at every state, which then can drive……you get the idea!

Taskflow allows operators to see in real-time exactly where tasks are within the workflow, and what actions are required. Displaying only the required functions for that stage in the workflow - it allows complex tasks to be distributed to less technical resources and allows for a genuine shift in how your workflow is resourced.

By being so modular and agile – Taskflow can be (and has been to date!) used for such diverse use cases as content ingest, live event management, support ticketing, content tracking, metadata logging and playout preparation.

Taskflows can be triggered by a wide range of sources - including le import, captures, MRSS feeds, flexicarts, scheduled times and SLA’s of other taskflows. The latter allows for corrective workflow to be triggered as a result of a SLA being breached either to the positive or negative.