Search Engine

Advanced Search Engine

Cubix across all its portals includes Advanced search capability that allows the content that is managed by the system to be easily located and accessed. The system uses full text indexing technology to ensure searches remain responsive and quick regardless of the amount of assets stored, and can be federated to search across multiple geographical locations / Cubix instances.

In the technical portal – searches can be filtered by client, content type – as well as technical properties such as duration, file size, dates and more. Searching can be performed through editorial metadata held for the client, as well as also be performed down to a “frame” basis by searching across subtitle files or other time based text metadata held (e.g. speech to text).

In the client portals such as clips and distribution – the search filters are entirely dynamic based upon the configured metadata schema from the client. This means that its very quick to deploy a new portal, but also automatically reacts to schema changes as they happen. These portals also allow for frame based searching – as well as the use of fuzzy logic or relevance weighting (e.g. “mickey” within twenty words of “mouse”), which makes the engine very suited to tagged content such as news, etc.

All search results in all portals return clear thumbnails and summary data about the asset – with the ability to then click on the asset to view the full details of the media (navigating straight to the right timecode if the search yielded a time based result).