Review & Approve Portal

The Review and Approve Portal is designed to be used for several different use cases, but all where a single page is required to display media of some form in a secure way.

The most basic use case is that of an online screener – where a user receives a link that uses a 32 character alphanumeric code which is unique to them. By accessing this link, the user can view a branded page that shows one or more assets for playback. Options can be set to control if the link is read only, if the link is password protected, if the link uses 2FA or if the user is able to download the content. The links can be set to expire centrally, and so it allows you to remain in close control of what is accessible, and analytics can be provided of if they have opened the link, and how far through the media they have viewed. Other security features include GeoIP locking, where the link can be only viewed in certain territories – and checks to ensure that a link has not been opened more than once by different client machines.

This makes it an ideal platform for film and TV dailies workflows, where secure links can be sent to different end users automatically as part of the dailies processing workflow – utilising devalued or even personalised watermarked proxies.

The next use case is where a “review and approve” needs to be done on an edit – either for editorial, compliance, legal or other such needs. As part of a Taskflow, Cubix can send an email with one of these secure links – where just like above the different security options can be set – but they also get the ability to enter notes and “pass or fail” the item. This moves the task on in the taskflow – which not only makes the link no longer function, but it means that the next steps in the Taskflow can continue.

A classic example of this is where an editor has performed an edit – and subject to approval the high-resolution media should be delivered to a platform. The editor can import the media into Cubix by simply dragging and dropping into a watch folder, triggering a taskflow that creates an online devalued viewing proxy – and submits the media for review and approval to one or more pre-configured email addresses. Once all the required approvals are received, Cubix can automatically then continue with the delivery to the platform – long after the editor has left for the night.

Another use case for this portal is for viewing live events – where again using the same link that is unique to a candidate, they can access the link and view a live event that you have occurring. Additional features that are included with this use case are a built-in chat client, allowing you to chat with the meeting organiser – as well as timed documents that appear at set points during the event. The meeting organiser can also monitor in real time to see what attendees are viewing the event, as well as submit polls to the audience for them to respond to.

A report of attendance can be provided automatically after the event finishes (as configured in Taskflow) – and links can either be set to expire, or can simply show the recorded content should the live event be finished. To assist in the editing of a meeting or event, a Review and Approve link can be sent out to a meeting organiser following the meeting complete with all the different recordings (e.g. if there are multiple camera feeds) available to be edited into a singular edit. This can be performed directly in the Review and Approve UI - before then being submitted. This, as with the use cases above, makes the link no longer work - but triggers the next step of the Taskflow where the edit would be automatically transcoded into a single file - and sent out using its own Review and Approve links for viewing by the meeting attendees.