Remote Harness

The automation layer of Cubix is comprised of light node type applications that we call “harnesses” – small service applications that can either be deployed locally or in remote locations – thanks to their ability to work via web service / HTTPS connections.

Harnesses integrate with devices and 3rd party applications via a wide range of means – such as RS422 / REST / command line and more. The monitoring of folders for content, and the process to import that content is also performed by harnesses. There are no practical limits as to how many harnesses can be ran – and they can easily be managed centrally using the Harness Manager UI within the Technical Portal.

For the deployment and management of the harnesses themselves we use the Cubix Node Manager. Cubix Node Manager is a service that runs one each machine, that connects centrally to Cubix to identify what harnesses should be running on that PC, and downloads them to the local machine. Once downloaded it will configure the harnesses and start the required amount of them – causing them to begin to poll for work.

Node Manager allows for easy management and upgrade of harnesses – removing the need to visit machines individually. Operational time windows can be defined as part of the individual harness configuration within the Cubix Technical Portal (e.g. centrally defined and controlled) - allowing for workstations to be only used overnight / weekends, etc. as determined by client needs. For harnesses that transfer media such as CubixUDT – transfer speeds can also be set based on time windows.