Remote Fetch

The nature of asset management has changed in recent years when it comes to “importing” or “ingesting” of content. No longer is it simply a tape, film, file on a disk or USB drive – there is now also the need to import directly from cloud storage, live feeds and more. Cubix supports all these new methods natively, but is also supports the ability to import video / audio content direct from URLs with embedded content in – such as news outlets, social media and online video sharing platforms.

This allows users who may be interested in ingesting this content to directly import the media into Cubix by simply providing the URL for the page. Cubix will then walk the page in question, and retrieve any embedded video, importing it into Cubix as if it was any other kind of media.

The standard features then within Cubix then can be used to proxy, archive, tag, etc. the content – making it a simple and easy way for content to be imported directly by non-technical users.

This process can also be automated by the support Cubix offers for MRSS feeds in its Taskflow module. In this mode, Cubix monitors the MRSS for new / changed entries on a configurable frequency – and triggers the process of download and ingest automatically.

This feature works on a wide range of supported sites – however please ensure that in doing so does not breach any copyright rules or usage policies of either the content holder or the site in question.