Rate Cards & Order Management

Many asset management and orchestration platforms in the marketplace offer lots of features to perform the work, but then stop before a key feature – billing!

Cubix provides native rate card support within its orchestration platform and portals – which provides some key benefits when combined with either its own internal order management, or when integrated with 3rd party management systems such as Xytech© and ScheduALL©. Rate cards are tiered so that a global rate card can be defined for an action, with then client specific rates which can override the standard. The Cubix rate card engine supports multiple currencies – and can be configured on different unit types (e.g. per GB / per minute / per item).

By defining rate cards for actions within a workflow, Cubix can provide dynamic quotes automatically to clients using either the clips or distribution portals based on the specific steps of your workflow. Clients simply choose what content they wish to process, select the correct taskflow and associated options – and press get quote. The result is an instant but accurate quote that shows them exactly to the frame / byte for the selected content what the costs would be – which can be exported to PDF and saved offline for reference. One more mouse click and the order can be submitted for actual processing.

This ability to not only self-quote, but also self-serve – combined with the flexibility of the taskflow engine itself where workflows can be configured for practically any use case – provides most of the most flexible self service solutions on the market today. The key uses are where you wish to monetise content, without having the need for resources to serve the incoming requests.

Rate cards can also be used to store and provide metric data to 3rd party systems for onward billing – or can be used to bill directly from Cubix with our Order Management engine. Designed for where simple order / jobsheet management is required – it integrates directly with the Taskflow engine to drive through orders, and provide billing reports and job sheets as needed.