Open Source Transcoding

Cubix supports a wide range of enterprise transcoding engines from different vendors. However, we believe that open source transcoding as a strong place in the stack too – if it is well monitored and scaled in an enterprise fashion.

Our harness technology allows for exactly this – and so a practically unlimited number of open source instances can be ran across large estates – either on dedicated server / VMs, or on existing hardware that might not be used 24x7 (e.g. edit workstations which are used only during the day can be utilised out of hours).

The instances can be grouped by physical location or by dedicating resources to set clients – and can be easily monitored centrally via our Harness Manager – showing throughput of the farm and the different groups.

Almost all Cubix clients to date use this implementation of FFMPEG, FFMBC, x264, x265, SoX, BMXLib and more within Cubix to provide a complete, solution to transcode, demux, remux, capture, stream, filter and more. It also what provides Cubix one of the widest supports for codecs and wrappers possible.

Ortana ensures that our integration and deployment methods with these tools adheres to their relevant licencing rules, such as GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and GNU General Public License (GPL) – so that you can use these tools within your production workflows with confidence.