On Premise

Cubix can be deployed entirely locally or “on premise” – without any need to access the internet whatsoever. This is a traditional method of deployment where security requires that the media and MAM be entirely offline and physically separate from any public internet connections.

Cubix is deployed onto Windows servers – with full support for virtualisation offered across the entire stack. This would include the installation of the software that are at the heart of Cubix, such as harnesses, SQL server, Active Directory and Microsoft IIS. All elements are designed to have no single point of failure – with all elements of Cubix running in an “active / active” configuration.

Cubix can also control on premise devices from a cloud instance of Cubix - thanks to its Remote Harness capability. Please visit our Integrations page for the local “on premise” devices we can manage directly via API – either from a local or remote Cubix.

Cubix can be licenced on either a perpetual or SaaS basis for on premise deployments – please see the How to Buy section for more information.