Ortana Media Group and Quales announce partnership at IBC 2015

Ortana Media Group and QUALES are pleased to announce as partnership to provide a cloud based service for on demand file based QC at IBC 2015. The system utilizes the APi control of the QUALES QC system via an online portal provided by OMG’s CUBIX platform for easy upload and processing of file based media for a full QC process and reporting. The portal offers you a clear commercial model to quickly understand the costs involved in the process for you to ensure using the service is commercially viable for your projects. The partnership with QUALES highlights the cloud based CUBIX proposition as a way to perform many image processing requirements in an alternative method to buying in house solutions and incurring the costs of the infrastructure to support the process. The solution is ideal for smaller and/or bigger clients with in house services that on occasion suffer from overload, this can be quickly and easily alleviated by using the short term solution of CUBIX and QUALES in the cloud until the requirement is no longer there. The QUALES system is easily configured via the portal to give you a fast, accurate and efficient QC process to keep your workload flowing.