TORNADO integrates with Cubix to provide high-speed transcoding for IMF, DCP and more

Cubix is an "end to end" solution purpose built for media and broadcast facilities. Designed to sit across your entire facility, Cubix encompasses all the required workflows for media management, processing and delivery in an enterprise-class platform, allowing you to efficiently "glue" together all your existing resources into a single monitored, multi-tenanted, automated and orchestrated layer. Acting as the conductor of a facility needs, Cubix is controlling TORNADO and manages the required tasks and their scheduling: conversion of a DPX image sequence into a 4K SMPTE DCP or conversion of an IMF package into AVC intra DPP, adding resizing and color space conversion, simultaneously with a XDCAM version of the same file are simple examples of the infinity of possible combinations. "The integration between Cubix and Tornado allows clients to build agile and dynamic workflows, encapsulating the latest support for IMP creation and delivery, with blistering speeds. This combination of efficiency, speed and ease of re-configuration ensures a future proofed platform that can mould around client specific needs seamlessly." said James Gibson, Founder & CEO at Cubix. "With TORNADO conducted by Cubix, we can offer facilities without in-house development resources the immediate usage of TORNADO's powerful capabilities of high resolution media processing, giving them solutions to deliver always increasing quantities of content with speed and accuracy" added Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.