Content Showcase & Monetisation

Content Showcase & Monetisation

When it comes to providing content monetisation solutions, Ortana finds generally in the marketplace that solutions focus on one half or the other; the preparation of the content for online consumption, showcasing and sale – and the ability to actually sell and distribute the content online. Few platforms appear to offer both well, something that we are pleased to say with Cubix we can provide “end to end”.

Whether your project is specifically to launch a new monetisation solution – or to provide access to content already being managed for other purposes, Cubix has the tools and flexibility required to achieve this.

The Cubix orchestration platform, combined with its strong asset management capabilities and integrations with a wide range of “on premise” and cloud based devices and services means that it can automate and orchestrate a wide range of workflows for content preparation. Please review some of the other use cases listed on our site for more information on these. In addition to this though, Cubix offers native integration with e-commerce platforms such as Braintree PayPal through several client facing portals. Thanks to their advanced search engines – users can easily discover content through either direct search or recommendations, and view online devalued proxies to view and assess the content.

The portals offer bins where content can be added to either as a whole asset, or as edits using the built in HTML5 editor. These bins can contain notes, and can be shared so that users can work collaboratively to select content.

Either bins, or content directly can be placed into the basket ready for purchase – and where options such as usage, territory and duration of rights can be entered by the user – and using our rate card & order management engine – a frame accurate quote can be provided to the client instantly. They can then proceed, passing through e-commerce to collect payment, and then Cubix using its Taskflow engine can automatically fulfil the order. This can include the restore, transcode and delivery of content to the client. Invoicing can also be done automatically either using a Microsoft Word template (exported to PDF) of your own design – or using financial tracking systems such as Xero.

Delivery can be done using a wide range of different methods – including our own CubixUDT. This allows for users to securely download the content via SSL encrypted UDP accelerated means – and allows you to receive confirmation when the user has successfully downloaded the media.

To help further drive traffic to your site, Cubix also has the ability to publish links direct to social media – as well as publish content direct to your YouTube channel complete with links back to your portal.

All Cubix client portals are fully white labelled, and react dynamically to your metadata schema that you have configured. This means that a monetisation portal can be deployed and configured in a matter of minutes.