Macro Planner

Within the Technical Portal a vital module is the Macro Planner. This is a great visual representation of a potential multitude of tasks. It allows the scheduling of processes, content and delivery of a variety of assets – or for the macro planning of content for TX / VoD schedules

Refined features include metadata searching, which is a tabular result set on the top above the calendar and hierarchy drop downs – that allow for the full search and display in tabular form across all the fields held in the hierarchy metadata (so ID, titles, supplier, duration, etc.).

Another feature allows you to drag from the grid results and drop directly into the macro planner at a set date / time. You are then able to tweak and adjust the times as needed to confirm the precise timing. Furthermore, users can view the content in a modal window – So from either highlighting an item in the planner, or from the grid results itself – a modal popup appears complete with proxy viewer, as well as technical details about the asset. The idea being based on feedback that it’s often useful to see the program and get a feel for the content a user is scheduling.

Other key features include;

  • View list of when items are scheduled in next 2 weeks and last 2 weeks
  • Item Repeat Function – This allows you to take an item, mark how many times they want to reschedule the item – and it is added automatically on a repeat basis for the n weeks selected.
  • Show runs remaining, and re run logic values – This is both the math and the display changes to show live the runs remaining and if the item is in breach of the re-run rules.
  • Export to PDF / CSV / Excel – Ability to export the playlist directly from the UI to the required formats.
  • Navigation through to task from calendar entry – able to go direct to the primary tasks for the asset.