Frame Accurate HTML5 Player

Frame Accurate HTML5 Player / Editor

Cubix comes with broadcast quality HTML5 frame accurate media player, seamlessly integrated within all the different portals that Cubix offers. It is a “flashless” player which ensures no special permissions or browser plugins / installation are required.

The broad set of functionalities include:

  • Frame accurate playback with cross browser compatibility – ability to seek frame by frame
  • Industry standard keyboard shortcuts for control
  • Display and playback of multiple subtitle tracks
  • Import and management of parallel audio tracks and subtitles
  • Full support for adaptive bitrate content (HLS / MPEG-DASH)
  • Support for live content playback (HLS / MPEG-DASH)
  • Full support for streaming to Google Chromecast©
  • Support for multi-channel audio with waveform display
  • Ability to perform shot based edits to build EDLs
  • Advanced support for metadata annotation and commenting