Flexicart Automation

Cubix supports the use of Flexicarts for helping automate the process of digitisation for Digibeta style formats. Any number of Flexicarts can be directly controlled by Cubix, using then Telestream Pipeline devices for capture to a wide range of formats including ProRes, IMX, DVCPro, AVCIntra, Uncompressed and more. All ingest is frame accurate, and Cubix monitors all channel conditions and stores this metadata alongside the asset. Decisions can then be configured within the workflow based on this metadata to drive any escalations or additional QC tasks.

Cubix supports 3 main methods of capture - timecode based (where both in and out points are specified), in point (where the capture continues until loss of video / timecode for a configurable period), and crash capture (where the tape is rewound to the head, a captured until the loss of video / timecode for a configurable period) - or the end of the tape is reached.

Ortana Media Group are able to provide refurbished Flexicarts, with a brand new custom build firmware on them – allowing the Flexicarts to support the very latest Sony HDCAM-SRW decks. Between 1 and 4 VTRs can be implemented per robot – allowing for an average ingest rate of 18-20 hours per day per VTR for mid to long form content.

Operators can easily monitor live what the current state of the system is via the Taskflow system – whilst then UIs such as the Bulk Ingest Manager show live what load and remove lists are required, what’s currently being ingested and more.

Taskflows can be built to start right from the tape dispatch area - where barcodes can be printed on demand and attached to tapes. They can then be tracked through the process of movement into the ingest area, preparation (if required) and ingest.

Images can also be easily captured of the physical media and associated documentation (such as report reports / QC reports) as part of the taskflow to store these alongside the captured media.