Distribution Portal

The Distribution Portal is a client facing portal that is ideal for providing access to structured data. Examples of this would be episodic or long form content, music archives, etc. This is the opposite to the Clips Portal which is designed for content that does not fit into a clean hierarchy.

The portal allows for users to browse the hierarchy of content, but also has an advanced search engine that is based around full text indexing technology, which means it can search vast amounts of metadata very quickly. The user can then click on the results to view an online proxy of the content, as well as all the metadata about the media, and any associated ancillary files (artwork, PDFs, etc.). The portal can automatically recommend content also based on keywords, using a weighting basis or position in the content hierarchy to recommend the most relevant content to the user.

The Distribution Portal is designed to be pointed at a single client within a Cubix instance, and can be fully white labelled / branded to suit. Of course, multiple portals can be ran per Cubix instance to provide multiple clients with their own portals as per the multi-tenancy that Cubix offers throughout.

The Distribution Portal can either be set to operate on a “closed” basis where a username and password is required to gain access, or they can be operated on an open basis where anyone can search and access the portal – but needs to login to perform certain actions such as use bins or order content.

The portal includes a frame accurate HTML5 player, which can be used to edit the content into bins – and also allows for metadata to be edited directly based on a user’s permissions. Users can also annotate existing content by speaking naturally whilst the video plays – whilst Cubix performs a real time speech to text conversion. This can be useful for where such portals are used in an archive or research environment. This same technology can also be used to add timed text to a file – which can also be searched on via the search engine, allowing for frame based navigation.

The portal is integrated with the Cubix Taskflow engine – so that once content is placed into the basket, one or more configured Taskflows can be selected to be triggered. Based on the taskflow selected, the user can request for a quote for their basket of content – and then if they are happy to proceed submit the basket for processing. Since the Clips portal can be pointed at any taskflow, and the use cases for Taskflow are almost endless – it makes this a very flexible solution to meet a wide range of needs.

The portal also integrates with e-commerce solutions such as Braintree PayPal for where payment needs to be taken from the end user before the workflow can complete.

It is also integrated with our review and approve portal – allowing for online screeners, trailers, etc. to be sent out directly from the basket.

For more information on the portal, please view the different module sections.