Content Import

Cubix prides itself on being file agnostic – what ever you throw at the system, it can handle. Primarily media files, but also includes the management of reference files (e.g DCP / DPX / MXF OP Atom) as well as ancillary files. All metadata is farmed on import to the system via watch folders and configured storage locations.

Intertwined with the core capabilities around hierarchies, mezzanine and ancillary files, taskflow and media rules to perform a variety of tasks that are essential to most media workflows.

Furthermore, Cubix can manage content directly from a nearline folder or source drive / LTO – providing a full report for the content present on the source folder / medium in situ – including full folder name, content type, length, codec, raster and aspect ratio, etc. Cubix would monitor and manage these storage locations through the use of one or more “harnesses”. Cubix can produce Excel / PDF reports of all content stored - not only the original drive – and showing what decision was taken during the transfer – e.g. if a transcode was scheduled, but also details for publish to other locations/environments. These reports can be scheduled to be received via email, or created on demand.

Another element within Cubix, are the tools to “Wrangle” the content into correct folders as part of the transfer into determined storage according to pre-defined rules that work around the content type. It is also “site aware” so that transcodes and other activities occur on the right equipment / storage to match where the content resides – as defined by configurable media rules. These rules are obviously defined differently, depending on the client’s needs.