Cloud Playout

Cubix is now fully integrated with the Playbox CloudAir solution - allowing for not only full asset management and orchestration of content for the playout channels, but also a direct control of the Airbox via a secure web interface. This means that the Airbox servers can be located at edge locations, with content and schedules being securely delivered remotely to the edge - complete with live tracking and status via the Cubix Taskflow interface.

Another key feature to Cubix is its ability to support many different deployment models, due to its ability to support private, hybrid and public cloud platforms. Cubix systems can also talk to each other via their API – allowing for multi-site deployments that work seamlessly as one. One such example of this is “Cloud Enabled Edge Playout” or CEEP.

An instance of Cubix running in a public cloud for example could be natively managing BackBlaze B2 or Amazon S3 / Glacier storage locations - acting as a landing pad for content being delivered from content producers, advertising agencies and other sources. This is easily done thanks to the different portals Cubix offers, and the fact everything is fully multi-tenanted ensuring that users only see the content they have rights to. This content can be managed in the cloud - processing the TX schedule, and preparing the content for playout. This can include such processes as le based QC, as we as review and approve workflows - where secure screener links are sent out for approval.

The content is then automatically transferred to the relevant edge locations, where local Cubix services receives the content and ensures it gets to the Airbox. Schedule management also occurs in a “lights out” fashion with schedules being automatically loaded. This can be useful in scenarios where ad-insertion is being done - and so a schedule for each TX break can be sent - and triggered using many different trigger formats such as DTMF, web service and more. The same Cubix instances can then perform all of the transcoding, packaging and delivery requirements to send this content then to an OVP platform for catch up VoD or other similar services.

The net result of this solution that leverages the latest technology and utilises the cloud for scale, stability and resilience - and provides you with a single pane of glass across the whole process.