Cloud Based

Cubix is agnostic to public or private clouds – and so provides full support for a deployment to your cloud of choice. Furthermore, you can deploy Cubix in the cloud either around a hosted Microsoft SQL server instance, or a cloud database service including Microsoft SQL Azure and Amazon RDS. This ensures that the system can scale to meet your demands with ease.

Cubix can either run entirely from the cloud – or by utilising the remote harness feature of Cubix, a cloud based instance can control devices running in remote clouds or premises. This support for true “hybrid cloud” means that you can deploy all control and metadata systems within the cloud – but maintain the heavy lifting of large files locally to a site. Such models as this allow the power and resilience of the cloud to be leveraged – without being forced to suffer the costs of cloud storage for large media files.

Cubix offers a wide range of integrations with both on premise and cloud based platforms and services – please visit our Integrations page for details on this.

Cubix can be licenced on either a perpetual or SaaS basis for cloud deployments – please see the How to Buy section for more information.