Archive & Research

Cubix can manage complex business transformation projects across multiple locations thanks to its highly adaptable Orchestration engine - Taskflow. It can rationalise existing digital content, physical libraries and provide online, non-destructive migration of content from a wide range of source types and legacy HSMs to multiple cloud storage solutions of your choice.

Content can be enhanced with highly configurable metadata schemas, managed and shared securely with internal and external users. AI / ML based services for image detection and speech to text can seamlessly integrated to enhance the metadata and make content even more discoverable.

Content Import

Cubix can import content from a wide range of sources - ranging from simple watch folders in local or remote facilities, through to social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube. Content can also be imported directly from cloud storage and FTP sites.

Upon import of content, Cubix performs a “deep dive” on the assets - learning as much as possible about the content - including such properties as codecs, wrappers, durations, filesizes and more. MD5 Hash can be produced at import - as well as the extraction of thumbnails, waveforms and much more.

Orchestrated Archiving

With the content imported - Taskflow, the Cubix Orchestration engine will begin to process the content according to the business rules you can easily define and redefine as needed. This can include such steps as proxy generation, AQC, content indexing through use of AI-based services and archiving. Cubix is natively integrated with the widest selection of storage providers on the marketplace - allowing you to choose the right mix of storage solutions that meet the performance and commercial needs of your content and associated media supply chains.

Artificial Intelligence

There is now a plethora of AI / ML based services on the marketplace which allow you to index your content as part of the workflow. This augmented metadata makes content itself searchable through speech to text and object detection - and allows for the semantic search engine within Cubix to vastly reduce the time it takes users to locate content.

At Ortana, we have real word experience of which solutions work best for what kind of content / indexing - and also Cubix is designed to drive these solutions with cost in mind. Instead of shipping entire video assets to the cloud, full raster still images are extracted at a configurable interval (e.g. every second) and these are sent for processing instead. Since Cubix automatically rebuilds the timeline of metadata - this method not only significantly reduces your costs - but also reduces processing time.

Portals & Collaboration

Cubix includes several different portals to meet your different needs - ranging from our fully fledged “Technical Portal” - providing full access to every element of Cubix - through to our “Clips Portal” - providing powerful but easy access to content archived within the system.

All portals are fully white labelled and adopt our industry standard methods of security and rights management. Users can easily work together on content selections - before them submitting them for restore / processing through our orchestration engine.


Our new kiosk solution allows you to access all the benefits of Cubix for archive and research in a very cost-effective manner. Designed as a “overlay” on top of your choice(s) of storage providers - it manages the entire process end to end of content archiving - and significantly improves access and collaboration around online / cold storage solutions through its integration of AI-based services. Please contact us today for your free trial.