SaaS / Rental Licence

Cubix can be rented on a SaaS style basis for both on premise or cloud based deployments - where a rolling three month commitment exists.

Fees are charged quarterly in advance, the cost for which is based on the modules selected for deployment, with the ability to add / remove modules at any time.

None of the Cubix modules are priced on a per user / per client / per TB basis - rather on some fair use case rules, and the right to use the feature itself. This ensures a clear and consistent pricing model that does not cost more and more as your business grows.

Cubix Support is included as part of this licence fee - calculated on a Bronze / Silver / Gold basis of the list price of the modules chosen at the point of billing.

Ortana provides clients the option to covert an existing SaaS licence into a CapEx / perpetual licence by taking 50% of any licence fees paid to date (e.g. the monthly fee minus the support) and putting it towards the CapEx licence fee.

For more information on Cubix SaaS / rental pricing - please find a reseller local to you, or contact us.