DR & Active Accelerated Archiving

Cubix can be deployed as a cost effective “lights out” platform for providing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions when it comes to media, metadata, playout schedules and more. This is thanks to its highly configurable orchestration platform, wide integration with on premise devices – as well as wide support for storage types.

Starting with simple data replication – Cubix can monitor hundreds of terabytes of content remotely by using only a handful of remote harnesses that use very little CPU or memory. These monitor for new content, register and import the content within the Cubix platform – and then upon instruction of the Cubix orchestration layer, transfer the content to one more remote locations via several different transfer methods.

During the import, Cubix can create a MD5Hash of the file – to be stored and referenced later for validating integrity – but can also perform a “de-duplication” check (configurable) by seeing if the file has been previously imported and archived. This ensures that only unique media is sent to the archive and reduces storage costs.

To transfer the content, Cubix supports all the major file acceleration providers such as FileCatalyst, Aspera and Signiant – but also offers transport via FTP / SFTP / FXP and CubixUDT. The latter is our own SSL encrypted UDP acceleration technology that allows for the bandwidth benefits you get with UDP based accelerators without the additional licencing cost. Furthermore, Cubix transfers can be done intelligently according to business rules since they are orchestrated centrally. Examples of this may be to prioritise certain file types or folders, replicate certain media to one location and others to two, etc. This massively improves the efficiency and usability of your disaster recovery archive in the unfortunate case if it being needed.

Cubix is also able to take in linear playout schedules in their native form, or other such schedules in Excel / XML format to drive the process of synchronising content to a remote site. Examples of this would be to transfer media to a remote backup playout facility, or to transfer content to the edge / cloud location for edge / cloud based playout.

All of these activities can be viewed in real-time via our Transfer Manager and Taskflow interfaces – complete with dashboard KPIs and performance monitors to show the throughput of the estate. Cubix is a true hybrid cloud platform and so can have elements of it deployed across different physical buildings or clouds – allowing for a design that has no single point of failure. It also allows for the control and orchestration to be centralised in the cloud, but for media transfer to occur on a point to point basis between facilities.

The ability for Cubix to import and archive content with no need for an appliance on site makes it also ideal for scenarios where “active accelerated archiving” is required. By leveraging the business rules for transfers, secure UDP acceleration and multi-tenancy – Cubix can provide a platform for your clients to archive content directly into either storage provided by you – or one or more cloud platforms.

Content can also be “tiered” within the cloud – starting life on say Amazon S3, before being archived off to Amazon Glacier or Backblaze. Such “tiering” can be easily policy managed using either Taskflow, MediaRules – or a combination therein to give you the best performance vs cost of your local and cloud storage resources.