To build and maintain a brand takes a lot of time, effort and skill – no matter if that brand is a corporate, individual, band or sports team. At the heart of any good brand management activity though is a well organized, easily accessible resource of all the different kinds of content that exists relating to the brand. This content can be that which was produced internally either historically or new (e.g. for a new product release or show / event) – or ever more importantly can be user generated content from social media platforms and video sharing sites that references your brand.

The ability to maintain this resource requires efficiency both from a cost and resource perspective when it comes to the acquisition of legacy and new content – whether that be internally generated, from vendor, or from user generated sources. Cubix provides the full end to end platform for the acquisition, management, augmentation and accessibility of this content – but critically also the orchestration to drive these different steps in a highly efficient means.

Starting with the acquisition of content – for legacy media Cubix can drive VTRs and Sony Flexicart for the bulk ingest of content from tape. Cubix also offers efficient workflows for any content based on film that requires scanning into the digital domain. Ortana Media Group also offers the digitisaiton of tape and film content as a service through our sister company Spot and Spin Media Services. This can often prove a more cost effective means of digitizing content if it is for a finite amount of media.

For content already digitized, Cubix and its remote harness feature allows or content to be imported directly from where it currently resides (e.g. a remote office, post production facility or vendor) – and securely transferred into your storage. Cubix is able to manage a wide range of storage types – including LTO devices and cloud storage – allowing you to mix and match, and pick the best type suited for your workflow’s needs.

For content that is user generated, or to easily ingest content regarding your brand from social media, news outlets or other such platforms – Cubix has a simple but effective feature called Remote Fetch, where content is directly imported from these platforms into your Cubix instance. This content is then managed as if imported from any other source, and so all the key asset management features such as proxy generation and MediaRules are available to be used.

Taskflows can be built to allow for the augmentation of the content with metadata, with easily trackable queues to show what content is still pending review / metadata entry. Associate documents, images and more can be uploaded to accompany the media asset also directly via the Cubix Technical portal as part of the Taskflow. Deep logging options also include speech to text and image recognition to provide further “frame based” metadata.

Once tagged, the media is then available to be easily accessed and viewed via our Clips Portal – where all of the acquired or entered metadata can be searched upon using our Advanced Search engine. Easily filter content by your configured metadata schema – and edit content into bins (which can be shared for collaborative working). With the content then selected – it can be placed directly into the basket for fulfillment to a wide range of output formats and mediums. This includes any restore, transcoding, XML and delivery required – all in a “lights out” fashion. Such a solution proves invaluable when you want to provide a researcher, editor, post production facility or account executive direct access to your library in a secure fashion.

Ortana has first-hand experience managing content for some key brands and individuals for several years now, with plenty of success stories when it comes to fulfilment for TV shows, documentaries and even museums!