Audio Library Packaging & Fulfilment

Cubix’s services include business to consumer websites and support - where it can provide content to standard and premium users. These are configurable and white label websites that we work with our clients to produce – dependent on their requirements and e-commerce needs.

An example of these implemented solutions, is the ability to host and release content onto the website in different sections of the website using the current technology available in Cubix’s Technical Portal to tag assets to the website. Additionally, using the Taskflow module within Cubix, the system can be able to sort content that is premium and content that is free for users. Further features include:

- The ability to generate proxies (.mp4 ) for users to be able to view content on the website.
- The website to have the capability to host free content as well as premium content to users. All users will have a login to the website to view both free and premium content, however, the users have the option to upgrade to a premium account which in turn will allow them to view all content with no restrictions.
- Payment functionality via the website.